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Niemtzow Dry Mouth Treatment protocol #01

Dr Richard Niemtzow Dry Mouth Treatment Protocol

I went to visit Colonel Richard Niemtzow in Washington DC to learn his treatment protocol designed to help sufferers of Dry Mouth Syndrome. This was originally developed by the the consultant to help those damamged from radiotherapy during treatment for mouth and throat cancers

Last year I received a call from the Dry Mouth Foundation asking if I would like to train with Colonel Richard Neimtzow in Washington DC? To learn about the acupuncture protocol he has developed to treat Dry Mouth syndrome and then to bring it back to the UK and teach it to other practitioners?

All acupuncturists know Colonel Richard Niemtzow is famous for his Battlefield acupuncture protocol So I said YES

So I flew across the Atlantic to find out more about this exciting research. Richard Niemtzow and his wife were wonderful and friendly and keen to share their knowledge of this condition that affects approximately 20% of the population to varying degrees.

Richard Niemtzow explained the protocol and then after examining the client began the magic!

We examined our client’s mouth which was very dry because his salivary glands had been very damaged by radiotherapy. Acupuncture needles were carefully inserted and we waited, but it was not for long before he started to notice saliva.

Within 15 minutes there were visible changes to the amount of saliva in his mouth.
I was kept busy, as the needles fell out of his ears a lot and needed replacing.

After 30 minutes he was able to produce enough saliva to spit a significant amount into a sink.

After only 45 minutes of treatment he was swallowing a lot and his lips were visibly wet. That lunchtime he looked very pleased with himself and seemed to be really enjoying his food.

The treatment was repeated the next day and this time the saliva flowed even more quickly and abundantly. I was impressed. I have received text from him saying everything is going well and he is still doing the mouth exercise prescribed to him.

Terry Gannon had also experienced this same result 6 months ago and that is why he set up the Dry Mouth Foundation

On my return to the UK I now work for the Dry Mouth Foundation as a teacher and practitioner.

Dry mouth syndrome affects a lot of different people to varying degrees and for different reasons, mainly after radiotherapy for cancer of the mouth and neck, Sjogrens’s and Lupus sufferers, diabetics, post menopausal women and people on certain medications such as antidepressants.

Those of us lucky enough to not suffer can not imagine the full horrors of this problem, which includes loss of anti bodies, difficultly eating, swallowing, indigestion (due to lack of saliva) loss of confidence when speaking, and sadly, not being able to kiss ones partner

To receive Colonel Richard Neimtzow Dry Mouth acupuncture protocol contact Dry Mouth Foundation to book an appointment.
Sponsored treatment is available for those on low incomes.

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Niemtzow Dry Mouth Treatment protocol #02

Use mushrooms to make stock

Some of us…….. use a cheat called a ‘cube’

Some of us………. ‘think’ we make home made stock

Some of us…………… make magic
The magic of gaining health benefits from real meat stock is by adding wine!

In fact without the wine you can’t extract the goodness from the BONES
Follow the basic rules below and you can be enjoying health benefits beyond your wildest dreams.

Scroll down for recipes

This is where science backs up ancient herbal wisdom because it confirms that we need the acidity of the wine to extract the collagen out of the bones, this forms gelatin !

It is the collagen/Gelatin that gives us the health benefits and the flavor
Ancient Chinese doctors and many others since have used stock as a medicine. It is tragic that this art has been lost but it may actually explain a lot about the nation’s health.
Chinese medicine understands that;

• Gelatin is a nourishing tonic
• Stock is used to slow the ageing process
• Nourishes the blood: good for tiredness, dizziness, sallow complexion etc
• Stops bleeding: excessive menstrual bleeding, coughing blood
• Helps repair and support of collagen and elastic soft connective tissue which maintains bounce and movement between joints
• Slow joint degeneration
• Helps the fingernails and hair to grow well and strong
• Source of protein
• Feeds us many minerals and trace minerals in a digestible form
• Aids digestion
• Strengthens the immune system

How did we forget how easily a stock is made and how essential it is to make this low-cost, highly nutritive food a regular part of the family diet?
Add home made stock to most meals, soups (even canned ones), risottos, spag bog, stews, and casseroles. I am so lazy I add chicken stock to all types of meat dishes.

As the stock simmers – minerals and other nutrients leak from the bones into the water making it rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other trace minerals. The minerals in stock are easily absorbed by the body. The bones even contains glucosamine and chondroiton – which some people prefer to buy as mineral supplements.

Gillian's basic recipe for stock

 Ask your butcher for raw bones ( more collegen and clearer better looking stock or
 Or use the bones from Sunday roast.
 Cold Water to cover
 Wine 250ml, (cider vinegar or for alcohol fee version use tomatoes for the acid)
 No need to peel just clean. Onion, Leeks, Celery, Carrots, Potato
 Bay leaves break the spine
 Whole pepper corns
 Dried or fresh oriental mushroom, coryceps, porcini, shitake, ganoderma. (Check out the anti- cancer and immune enhancing properties of these)
Simmer (hours below) and then seive and bag up for the freezer

CHICKEN STOCK up to 6 hours
Add these for more flavour Giblets Tarragon, Lemons
Dried or fresh mushroom, porcini, shitake, ganoderma. Check out the anti- cancer and immune enhancing properties of these mushrooms

PORK STOCK up to 24 hours
Add these for more flavour Juniper berries, Mace

FISH up to 4 hours
Add these for more flavour Star anise, Dill, Fennel thyme

Add these for more flavour Parsnips Asparagus, Ginger, Rosemary and others herbs for flavour (AVOID cabbage)

BEEF STOCK up to 72 hours
Add these for more flavour
Rosemary Horseradish Adjust to your own taste

Heat and simmer. Do not boil
Add parsley in the last hour
Do not add salt to the stock, it may be added during cooking if necessary
Sieve and freeze in cup size bags

Thank you to
Kelly the Kitchen Kop
Sally Fallon Morell
Inspired by Stefan Chmelik
Materia medica Dan Bensky and Andrew Gamble

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