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About Gillian Kelly

Gillian started her formal studies in 1980 in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with many of the most prestigious and influential teachers including Giovani Maciocia, Julian Scott, Peter Deadman, Jack Worsley.

Gillian has attended many post graduate certified training including Kampo herbal medicine with Gretchen De Soriano and spent many years treating auto immune disorders and anxiety /depression.

Her current main areas of clinical experience are in the treatment of gynaecology and infertility and as a support to couples undergoing IVF.

Gillian Kelly is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and Register of Chinese Medicine, whose members are bound by a strict code of ethics and conduct and are professionally insured.

Gillian is passionate about using this ancient traditional medical system, which is truly holistic, and applying it to patients in a modern clinical setting to achieve their optimal health and wellbeing.

Beginning her training in the 1980s Gillian has continued studying and is committed to 'continuing professional development'; obtaining specialist training in many areas of women's health, fertility, auto immune disorders and anxiety /depression.

I am delighted to be a recommended and vetted Acupuncturist for

  • Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine

    A typical session with Gillian:

    Your first acupuncture session will last for about an hour and a half. During the session I will gain an understanding of your main complaints, general health and lifestyle. This involves asking questions about your current symptoms and your medical history, as well as such things as your sleeping pattern, appetite, digestion and your emotional wellbeing.

    Subsequent treatments will last approximately 45 minutes.

    The reason Gillian is so dedicated and inspired by this fascinating ancient healthcare system is because it is holistic and natural.
    She believes that each of us is unique and that we should be treated accordingly, which is why a full consultation is necessary and gives all the information that then leads to a treatment plan.

    ‘’Traditional Chinese Acupuncture also helped me when I had difficultly starting a family. Because I was unable to have my own children until late in life I love to help other women in the same position.
    It gives me so much pleasure when receiving the good news of a baby being born to a couple I have worked with. (Or twins!)”Gillian Kelly

    Having received specialist training in fertility and IVF support Gillian is delighted to be promoted as a vetted acupuncturist with Herts and Essex fertility and IVF Clinic selected as one of their recommended practitioners and can now be found in their Fertility Spa.

    During the 30 years Gillian has practiced Acupuncture Gillian has also qualified in many different styles of Acupuncture and is therefore a member of The British Acupuncture Council BAcC, The Register of Chinese Medicine RCHM, Japanese herbal medicine KAMPO, specialist training in IVF support with The Fertility Network, trained in Chinese Tuina Massage then has recently become a Niemtzow Dry Mouth Treatment Practitioner working on behalf of the Dry Mouth Foundation.

    Soon Gillian will be qualified as a Qigong instructor (Like Chinese standing up Yoga) where she will be running small groups for women who wish to benefit from this awesome exercise system.

    Please always feel free to telephone Gillian if you would like to know more, or if you are wondering if Acupuncture can help you?
    01277 352794

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